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Daily Program

Cottage Cove offers a free daily program for school children in kindergarten and older.

Looking for a safe and caring place where your child can come after school or each afternoon on extended school breaks?  This program is filled with learning and love.    

Summer Camp

Cottage Cove’s summer camp extends our summer program to an all-day format for a limited number.

Focusing on the youngest children we serve, our amazing summer camp program fills the morning and afternoon prior to our regular program with more fun and learning.

C4 - Youth

C4 is a casual and informal time for teens to come and be at home.  Food, fun, and Bible study.   

Whether you grew up coming to Cottage Cove or not, if you are a teenager you’re welcome to come.  The evening normally includes food, recreation (dodgeball, basketball, etc.) and more.

Christmas Store

Cottage Cove wants to help you stretch your hard earned dollars and provide a great Christmas!

We know what a struggle it can be to provide not only essentials for Christmas but especially those unique and special items that your child dreams about.  If you need help, our store is for you.

Why Cottage Cove?

Our mission is

to provide

educational opportunities

and training in the arts through the power


 in the name

of Jesus Christ.


If you don’t have a church home, Cottage Cove has options for you and your family.

While Cottage Cove is not affiliated with any one church, we will gladly point out churches that teach the Bible and will welcome you.  This includes one that meets right at Cottage Cove.

We believe that every child should be loved not because of performance but as a result of who they are - a child of God.  Our goal is to see children learn to thrive through educational instruction, spiritual guidance and unconditional love.

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