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Cottage Cove Videos

Numerous videos have been made featuring Cottage Cove over the years, some by Cottage Cove staff, others by volunteers, news media, and organizations interested in this ministry.  

A Tour of Cottage Cove Vine Hill Featuring Our Recent Renovations (2013)

Cottage Cove Staff and Volunteers - Why Cottage Cove? (2015)

Long term student, Jade, remembering her time at Cottage Cove (2014/15)

Our Most Recent Videos

A Tour of Cottage Cove Madison - The first six months of year 1 (May - Oct 2014)

Parents of Cottage Cove Children - How This Helps Their Family (2014-2015)

Scene 1

Cottage Cove Christmas - The Bible’s Christmas Story by the Children (2008)

Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5

Melanie - Gr2 - public speaking (2014)

Melanie Speech "Life"

Featuring Children of Cottage Cove (2013)

Parents of Cottage Cove 2013

Promo Video by Eric Mikols (2009)

Love Them Like Jesus

Video by LifeWay’s Intra Life (2008)

About Cottage Cove

Promo Video (2004)

Promo Video (2005)

Featuring Children of Cottage Cove (2007)

For Lives Like This...

Music Video Featuring Our Kids (2008)

Save the Humans

Featuring Children of Cottage Cove (2011)

Beatutiful Things

Slide Show with Music (2008)

Summer Program Kids Go Light Your World Will You Love Jesus More?

Video featuring Cottage Cove (1995)

Together with a short-lived partner ministry, the Y-Bus.

Promo Video (2002)

Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Until... Remember Me